What’s The Process to App Development? – Episode 2

Aman Birdi on 25th September 2017

Hey guys its Aman from Digiruu. I’m going to give you an overview of the process needed to build an app. You know often I get asked, whats the process to building an app? How do you guys build an app? What do you guys do differently that other app developers don’t do? How do you get my idea from my head onto my phone?

So I’m going to give you our tried and tested method which has yielded great results. I’m super excited to share it with you in the hope that you’ll see why we are so awesome. ALSO – we’re always looking for feedback. So if something jumps out to you that perhaps you think can be improved on, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  


Okay all set! Let’s go. The first step to app development is the kick off workshop. What this workshop gives us is all of the deliverables for your app – basically what we need to do on our side and also what you need to do on your side to make your app a reality. We’ll draw some rough designs out, a wire-framing process and then afterwards when all of this is done, we create what’s called the Statement of Work (SOW) document.

This outlines exactly the deliverables for your product i.e.  what ourselves and you agreed from the kick-off workshop that your app will be doing in its entirety. From this statement of work document, we can give you the most accurate, cost-effective solution to build your design and develop your app.


The next step is when we plan the development of your app. This will be done by one of our project managers who’s dedicated to you. To help with planning the app, we use tools such as JIRA and Slack but also we use these so that you can see exactly what we are doing, when something is ready to be tested and when we need you to provide feedback. It keeps communication completely open at all times.

So in addition to the project management tools, we also send out regular status reports on your project. Normally this is on a bi-weekly basis so it really keeps you in the loop. Also we like to have dedicated weekly time in which we could meet face-to-face during the course of our relationship. We do this because you know, I’ve seen it way too many times with other companies, and i’ve been there too, when you commit yourself to a company or freelancer to create your app, you’re the one having to chase them up. And it can really feel like they only want your money and not there to help you. So we decided when we started Digiruu, we wanted to have the most clear communication as possible and nothing beats weekly face to face meetings as well as all the status reports and all of the tools we use.


The third phase after the kick off workshop and the planning of your app is design. This is is one of the most exciting parts. Now you may have heard me mentioning this before but in case you haven’t I’ll quickly explain how we go about this phase. So our design process is uniquely different from other agencies. We work on one design concept for your app at a time. This enables us to fully invest our creative efforts on that one design rather than spending wasted time on multiple creative compositions that will not be used.

Now we’ve found this process brings better value to you by saving time and resources. And if you don’t like the initial design, our designer will create another one based on the new direction from you. Once a concept is approved, the remaining pages of your app will be designed out to be finalised and signed off by you.


Now once the design phase is done and you’ve signed off the designs, our developers will use start coding to make your app a reality. You will be able to track our progress on the project management tool JIRA. The status reports will keep you updated and the dedicated weekly meetings with your project management will answer any questions you may have.

This phase also includes testing. We like to do a thorough testing schedule internally. And it’s done to check whether the app we have created for has satisfied all of the requirements as seen in the SOW document that we created from the kick-off workshop. Once we’re happy, we’ll send it over to you for testing


And then, our last phase is called the final delivery. Once you’ve tested it and you’re happy, we’re happy, then your app is readied to be published. Now I must point out that most people find this part tricky at times because app stores, whether its apple or google, can look confusing to someone who hasn’t been through the process before. So we take you through this whole process and hold your hand completely. When we do this, often no hiccups occur. Our plan is always to take you from having no product at the beginning to now having a product that is ready to be pushed live to your consumers at the click of a button.


Your app has launched – now what? What happens if you have some feedback and want to adjust some of the features on your app? Or a new software update causes your app to crash?

Well after launch, we present you with a specifically tailored maintenance package just for you. We don’t want to just leave you when the app has launched. Having launched apps myself, I know that creating an app is a journey.

This tailored maintenance package is like an ongoing agreement that is fully recommended by our clients. It ensures your app runs in the most optimum peak state for your consumers. It keeps eyes on your app at all times in case you need urgent technical support.

Remember, we take your app idea from zero to launch and beyond. It’s the journey we go with you.